VIXENS (The UNCUT Version)



Allison crept down the corridor like a predatory puma, eyes shining wickedly with avid expectation, the grunting above growing louder as she reached the bottom of the stairs. The grunts were coupled by steady wet stroking sounds, and she suppressed an involuntary giggle anticipating what she might see.

And then she almost screamed when a hand came down on her shoulder and squeezed painfully. She whirled around and stared into Carly’s wide, disgusted eyes.

Allison shrugged off her friend’s hand and climbed another stair. She felt more than heard Carly reluctantly follow behind her. When they peered into the salon, Allison’s eyes grew as big and round as her nipples while Carly threw a hand over her mouth and gasped.

Their fathers stood side-by-side in the middle of the salon, their muscular nude bodies oiled with perspiration. Sinew twitched and tendons strummed as they stroked their pulsing members with vigorous, immutable purpose. Nothing they’d seen on the Internet had prepared the two virgins for this, and the raw display of this masculine ferocity completely overwhelmed them.

Their fathers’ cocks were enraged monstrosities of red meaty muscle, their bloated glistening knobs oozing and dribbling. The angle of the TV made it impossible to see what they were watching, but that in no way diminished Allison’s excitement. Her heart throbbed as forcefully as those organs, and her virginal pussy flexed involuntarily and spurted juice down her thighs. She felt Carly’s hand tighten on her wrist, glanced at her friend, and saw an expression of disgusted horror contorting Carly’s face

“We don’t have much time,” Allison heard Will gasp desperately. “Are you close?”

“Fuck yesss…” Carly heard her dad hiss.

The men’s stroking reached a frenzied pitch. Their bodies abruptly stiffened, their asscheeks contracted, and Allison watched her father jam a fist against his lips. An incredible stream of semen sprayed from his knob, sailing through the air and landing in a puddle. Another stream followed, thicker than the first.

Dan smothered a groan and Carly’s heart raced as she beheld the gooey milk-white ropes cannonading from his pulsing slit, powerful jets of her father’s manhood one after another. Their fathers climaxed ferociously, as if emptying their very souls, and a second gusher flowed down Allison’s trembling thighs at the all-consuming sight. She grew faint and swayed into Carly, who pulled her back down the stairs. They staggered down the corridor and into their room, Carly shutting the door and locking it. Allison dropped heavily onto the bed, her mind whirling.

“Oh my God,” Carly exclaimed, her voice shaking, unable to comprehend. “Our dads are gay!”

Allison sighed. “You’ve seen guys do that a million times in pornos.”

“How can you be so calm about this?” Tears welled in Carly’s eyes. “It’s too fucking weird.”

Allison caressed Carly’s neck and felt her friend shiver.

“Do you think that we’re dykes?”

Carly sucked in her breath, horrified. “God no.”

Allison slid her hand inside Carly’s robe and gently caressed her breast. Carly moaned softly and shifted slightly, her nipple hardening in Allison’s warm palm.

“What we’ve been doing over the years doesn’t seem a little lesbian to you?”

“No,” Carly breathed firmly. “We’ve just been…experimenting…”

Allison chuckled. “Is that what you call it? I’d say we’ve been fucking. And we both like it a lot. But we think about men all the time.”

Allison continued massaging Carly’s breast, and then kissed her cheek. Carly sighed contentedly and altered her position, spreading her legs slightly and rubbing her twitching pussy on the spread. In her mind, Allison saw Will fucking her mother, and her labia abruptly engorged as she envisioned her dad’s pulsing erection. Allison took Carly’s hand and slid it between her legs, and both girls moaned when Carly’s fingers slipped past the portal’s entrance.

“Allie-baby,” Carly murmured ecstatically. “You’re soooo wet…”