Sin On Silk: Spicy Bedtime Stories



 The pine and cinnamon smells grew stronger as I walked down the hallway, where orange light flickered through an open doorway.

“Joshua?” I said softly. “I’ve come for you, my darling.”

I entered my cousin’s chambers. I saw the candles first, four of them placed strategically around the room. Their flickering shadows danced pirouettes on the walls, and their perfumed aroma was sensuously sublime. Joshua lay naked upon the altar of his bed like a sacrificial offering, arms flat and legs outstretched. I was so calm in that moment that I felt outside of myself as I walked across the room. I stood above him expectantly, staring down upon his tanned body in the candlelight, finally beholding his beautiful, fully unbound manhood in its amazing entirety.

“I dream about you,” he croaked, voice breaking. Tears suddenly welled in his haunted eyes, and I felt something fist my heart and wrench it viciously.

I dropped my robe.

Lisa hasn’t seen her step-cousin in seven years. They were close growing up, but a youthful indiscretion ripped their innocence apart.

But when Joshua invites her to the desert for a family reunion, Lisa happily accepts, hoping beyond hope that they’ve put the past behind them. But desperate emotions explode into a firestorm of moral uncertainty, as both relive a libidinous fantasy that is dangerously taboo…

Love without limits, desire without doubt — Lisa and Josh run headlong into the forbidden temple of brazen desire…

This novella contains explicit sexual encounters between consenting adults.



 Steve was banging the choir singer on the edge of the pool, with three more naked men lined up behind him. Steve’s wife was on her knees, using her mouth to keep the first man in line ready for his turn.

Rae was no prude — she’d experimented in different ways after the divorce, including participating in a threesome with another couple from the office, but those encounters had always taken place in intimate conditions where she had some semblance of control. Things were quickly growing out of control here. Rae had yet to see anyone produce a condom, but instead of feeling concern, the thought of all this unprotected sex only enflamed her further.

Rae looked at Barry, and he smiled at her. She couldn’t get over how seemingly comfortable he was in this environment and couldn’t help wondering if he’d been to these parties before.

Rae attends a private party after her high school reunion, and the occasion quickly turns into more than just drinks and conversation.

Group games abound as Rae is reunited with the boy who tutored her through history, and man, has he ever changed!

He’s still the reserved, caring guy she remembers from twenty years ago, but history isn’t the only thing he’s good at, now. Savage emotions take control as his incredible prowess drives her to new heights of ecstasy.

Rae discovers she still has much to learn, and that Barry is the man to teach her!



 The air-conditioning hit both of them like a hammer, and Bonnie immediately felt her nipples grow pleasantly rigid. She went to the fridge and withdrew a glass pitcher, and condensation beaded rapidly on its surface.

She set the pitcher on the counter and pointed to a cupboard.

“Glasses are up there.”

Wordlessly, Michael pulled down two glasses, and she filled them, standing much closer to him than necessary. She could feel the warmth of his hard body despite the AC, and her pussy grew damp around the shifting beads. Her nipples hardened further until they were exquisitely painful, and she made a soft humming sound. He took his serving and stepped back a few inches, put the glass to his lips, and downed the contents in one long pull. Bonnie watched his Adam’s Apple convulse as he consumed the beverage, and pictured him gulping her flowing juices in the same manly fashion.

He set the glass on the countertop and smacked his lips.

“Good,” he said.

“Like another?”


She brushed his arm with her breast as she reached for his glass, and the contact on her nipple sent little chills into her tummy. When she returned his glass after filling it, she felt Michael’s fingertip trail across her thumb, and the little chills grew bigger.

Bonnie is a big beautiful woman with a hearty appetite. Right now, she has her eye on one of the mouth-watering newlyweds next door.

Bonnie wants to gnaw Michael’s bone in the worst possible way without Michelle finding out. Can she have her slice of beefcake and eat it, too? What Bonnie doesn’t realize is that Michelle is more than happy to put her man on the menu, but Michelle requires a delicious hot meal dished up in return.

The recipe is complete, the table is set for three, and a feast of delectable proportions ensues!

This story contains explicit sexual encounters between consenting adults.



Feeling Tracy’s warm breath on her flesh, Lisa became instantly aroused in spite of herself, and she felt her own breath catch in her throat. Loneliness and longing surged through her chest, making her dizzy. Tracy’s small round nipples felt incredibly hard — her own nipples hardened painfully in response. She felt Tracy shudder, heard her sigh. Lisa gently pushed her away, breathing deeply.

“What’s going on, Trace?” she said softly.

Tracy’s brown eyes were big and bright, almost challenging. “What do you think is going on?”

“We’re supposed to be friends,” Lisa whispered, heart beating hard.

“We are friends,” Tracy said, staring at her. She abruptly sat down on the bed and slipped into her bikini bottoms. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

Welcome home, Lisa — as the heroine from BRAZEN returns in a second romantic tale of wanton debauchery.

Lisa’s been decimated by the loss of her cousin Joshua. Seeking to lift her spirits, Tracy and Rick, invite her up to their lake cabin for a long birthday weekend. But Lisa soon discovers her married best friends have more in mind than sunshine and lazy afternoons on the water. Hidden desires quickly emerge, creating both confusion and excitement in their years-old relationship.

Tracy wants Lisa. Lisa wants Rick. And Rick is starting to feel like sandwich spread.

This spicy novella features some of the wildest wettest action you’ll ever find on a party barge. Get ready for the boat ride of your dreams!