SHE #2


I went to the sink and turned on the hot water. She stood behind me and pressed herself close, pushing her breasts against my back and wedging her big limp penis between my cheeks. I felt the sponginess of her glans pressing against my anus, and I twitched reflexively. Damian and I had never tried anal sex when we’d experimented as kids — afraid of the pain and the stigma, I guess. But much to my surprise, I discovered that her fat knob did feel pretty sexy, even intimate, and my cock stirred in response. I sighed, leaning back against her.

She wriggled deeper, and I felt her cock begin to swell. I turned off the water and put her bra in to soak.

“I want you, Jordan,” she breathed in my ear. “I want to fuck your beautiful ass like you fuck mine.”

My arms broke into gooseflesh, and my cock grew harder. She cooed, and kissed the side of my neck again.

“Will it hurt?” I asked nervously.

“A little at first, maybe,” she murmured. “You’re a virgin, remember? But then… Oh, baby, I know you’ll like it. It’s way so much better than a finger.”

My heart was pounding so hard and fast, I thought it might burst. She stroked me, and I swelled to my full painful length. I felt her grow huge between my cheeks, and now sensed wetness on my anus from her dripping slit. Her nipples had hardened ferociously between my shoulder blades, and mine felt like swollen stones. She used her other hand and pinched one, and I gasped loudly in surprise and pleasure.

“But first, we have to flush you.”

“I don’t have anything — “

“I do.”

“You brought an enema bag to the restaurant?” I said, and laughed softly.

“I knew we weren’t going back to my hotel.”

Well, I’d wondered if she was going to surprise me tonight, and she certainly had. It suddenly felt like I was stepping off a cliff into some great unknown, and I shivered helplessly. She held her hand to my heart, definitely feeling the pounding against her palm.

“Jordan,” she whispered, kissing my neck. “Please, trust me…”