SHE #1


The mattress squeaked as she leaned over me, her tits brushing my face as she untied my wrists. She placed my arms at my sides and rose from the bed.

“That’s so you can leave if you want to,” she said softly.

I rubbed my wrists, staring at her. “Why would I leave now?”

Her stare was direct and honest, almost disconcerting.

“Because I’m not like other women you’ve known.”

She slipped her underwear down her legs, and then dropped the robe. I stared, not immediately making sense of what I was seeing. At first, I thought maybe she’d strapped on a dildo, and had no idea why. And then, my eyes widened further in stunned amazement. Her stare was intent as she gauged my reaction.

“Yes, Jordan,” she whispered. “This is my best feature.”

I felt my mouth twitch wordlessly. Her bulging erection was much bigger than mine, reminding me of Damian’s by its length and girth, and jutted proudly from a dense V-shaped patch of silky blonde hair. The shaft had a curious downward bend just behind the glans, giving it the appearance of a spoiled child’s pout. I watched, mesmerized, as it pulsed and bobbed in the dim light, the meaty knob glistening wetly. She grasped her cock and stroked its thickness, her big dark eyes fastened expectantly to mine.

“Yes or no, Jordan?”