Rae’s Reunion

The Hard Facts

Rae stared at the tiny organ poking its way through his pubic hair. She wanted to ask him if it got any bigger, but wisely kept her mouth shut. She smiled instead and stretched out between his legs…  When she cupped the velvety firmness of his sack and gave it a gentle squeeze, he gasped.

Encouraged by his reaction, Rae put her mouth on his scrotum and sucked on his testicles. She traced tiny patterns on the wrinkled sac, and listened to him moan softly. She pressed a finger against his taint, and his entire body vibrated. She reached his tiny, quivering organ and licked it. Barry gasped again, hips thrusting reflexively. She slipped the nub of flesh between her lips and was dismayed to find it already hard.

No wonder his wife’s death had devastated him, Rae thought, experiencing a sudden sympathy. She was probably the only woman he’d been with that hadn’t worried about the size of his dick. Rae touched his frenulum with the tip of her tongue, and he gasped again.

“Right there, baby,” he hissed. “Please, don’t stop.”

Rae was rewarded with a slight swelling against her lips, and taking heart, she pressed her mouth against it. His penis swelled a bit more, and then lengthened proportionately… Maybe dirty talk might stimulate him further, she thought, playing with his balls and sucking his nub. Rae liked to talk dirty to her lovers…

“Do you like that, you filthy whore? Do you like me sucking your cock?”

“God yes,” he croaked, and then groaned.

Barry’s penis swelled a bit more. Rae watched it lengthen, and then chuckled licentiously.

She put her mouth on him again. She licked him and he swelled. She sucked him and he lengthened. She stroked him and he pumped his hips, moaning desperately. She gasped in disbelief when his hot blood suddenly scorched her lips, the heat rushing into his organ and rapidly filling it. The pulsing shaft of muscle expanded in girth and length before her eyes like an animal unchained until he was fully erect and stretching her mouth to its limits. She heard and felt her jaw tendons pop until she could take no more and was forced to pull away, heart pounding. She grasped the throbbing behemoth in her hand and uttered a loud exclamation of surprise and exhilaration.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, fascinated. She waggled the trunk-like log and watched a thin stream of drool trickle from the bulbous knobslit. “Oh my God, Barry.”

Her cunt flexed powerfully, oozing lubrication. A delicious prickling sensation crept through her loins as she pictured this monstrous phallus stretching and filling her in ways she’d never thought possible. Rae couldn’t help herself — she had to ask —

“Jesus, Barry, did you always get this big?”