Primal Instinct

The Turgid Details

“You liked that?” she asked softly.

“I loved it,” he croaked, slipping an arm around her while still staring at the ceiling.

Janice quivered with contentment… She rubbed against him and crooned. Over the past few months, she’d grown incredibly secure with him, and it was an emotion that she hadn’t felt too often with other men. What was supposed to have been a one-night stand so long ago had turned into something much deeper for her, and the thought was both terrifying and exciting…

Jack stood up and stripped off his t-shirt. They left their clothes lying on the living room floor, and then crowded together in the small bathroom… When she bent over the sink and rinsed her mouth, Jack pressed himself against her and rubbed his hardness in the cleft of her bottom.

“Ummm,” he murmured contentedly.

Janice sighed with him; she always enjoyed his frottage. She braced herself against the sink, wriggling her bottom and flexing her cheeks, and her rectum quickly became wet with his spurting lubrication. She felt his bloated knob slickly prod her anus, and she pushed backward against it firmly, the sensation deliciously naughty. Her overheated pussy leaked and tingled sensuously between her legs.

Anal sex had never been high on Janice’s list of sexual priorities… There had been a few times in the past when she thought Jack might actually try it with her, and in the heat of those moments, she probably would have allowed it. But he never pressed the issue and she had never brought it up.

But now, standing with him in the bathroom, feeling so safe and secure and wanted by him, she sensed his desire once again. His knob pushing insistently against her anus did feel wonderfully sexy and her pussy responded… If he wanted to go further, she finally decided that she was more than ready.

“Fuck my caramel-colored ass, Jack,” she whispered, staring at him in the mirror. “I want you to.”

Jack continued to rub her anus with his knob… His breathing was steady and controlled. Hers had grown erratic with anticipation… Her asshole had become a sodden, hungry pit. Her muscles trembled.

“Now, baby,” she breathed. “I’m ready.”

Jack pushed his fat knob firmly against her anus, and her sphincter flowered open to accept it. Janice grunted loudly as the ring of muscle slowly stretched and engulfed it. Jack paused, allowing her sphincter a moment to relax and adjust. Janice sucked in her breath, and Jack pushed forward, slowly and gently, taking his time and allowing the rest of her insides to accommodate his penetration. His pole was well lubed so there was no pain, just an indescribable sensation of pressure. She didn’t have to tell him what to do or how to do it — his instinct about what pleased her was amazingly intuitive.

Janice stared at herself in the mirror. She saw an intense look of concentration on her face as she willed her body to receive him. Sweat had broken out on her cheeks and forehead, and her lips were parted. Her breasts heaved, her nipples painfully erect. She closed her eyes and pushed backward. It was Jack’s turn to grunt, a deep animalistic exhalation. After a long moment, Janice could feel his balls brushing the bottoms of her butt cheeks. His entry was full and complete and she was totally impaled on the hot, hard rail of his throbbing cock. The realization was so insanely erotic she thought she might faint.

“Goddamn,” she muttered. “Now, that’s what I’m talking about.”

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