Primal Hunger

The Turgid Details

Janice pressed herself firmly against Jack’s shivering naked body, wrapping the sofa quilt tightly around them.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned miserably.

“Easy,” she soothed, as much for her own comfort as for his. “Easy, baby.”

Jack pulled her closer, his cold hands raising goose bumps on her skin. She rested her head on his shoulder and tenderly kissed his neck, blowing warmth against his clammy flesh, and Jack uttered a ragged sigh.

“Feel better, my darling?” she whispered with relief.

“Getting there,” he murmured, muscles twitching.

Janice kissed his neck again, and then moved her mouth slowly along his jaw before finding his lips. They were chapped, but not terribly so, and felt pleasantly rough against the softness of her own. She smooched him tenderly, and then kissed his cheek, running a hand across the hardness of his chest.

“You like that, baby?”


He took her hand and placed it on his penis, and Janice shook her head in disbelief.

“Jesus, Jack, you’re kidding, right?”

Jack rubbed slowly, and swelled. “Does that feel like I’m kidding?”

Janice sighed exasperatedly. “Y’all crazy, white boy. A second ago, you were freezing to death.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” he whispered in her ear, and Janice couldn’t help but laugh.

“Kiss my caramel-colored ass, Jack.”

“Most definitely.”

Jack caressed her gently, and Janice was overcome by her love for him. At that moment, all thoughts of Janey had fled. Her man was going to make love to her and only her, and doubts about Janey had no right to interfere.

Heat and moistness built steadily between Janice’s legs, and her heart hammered as Jack slid his hands beneath her sweater and up the long highway of her spine. He arrived at her silky brassiere, unhooking the snaps with practiced efficiency. Janice reached between them, grasped his burgeoning erection, and he immediately swelled to a wonderfully throbbing abundance in her palm. He was average in length, but his meaty girth and and big juicy knob filled her pussy in all the right ways, and it seemed as though she could never get enough. She thumbed the spongy tip, feeling hot droplets oozing from its slit. He groaned, sliding his hands past her shoulder blades, luxuriating in the warm velvety smoothness of her butterscotch flesh.

“Stop,” she whispered. “You’ll stretch my sweater.”

He paused for a moment while she pulled the sweater over her head — her bra came with it, and her heavy pear-shaped melons tumbled free to his expectant, admiring gaze. They were so full, so round and ripe, and topped with fat dark nipples that were now delightfully erect. Sighing softly with anticipation, Jack leaned forward and pressed his open mouth against one of those deliciously creamy orbs, his tongue curiously exploring the large brown areola, feeling it pulse and then stiffen further with his gentle manipulation. He widened his mouth and sucked, Janice holding his head to her chest and muttering nonsensically, running her fingers through his hair. He nipped the muscular bud firmly, and a tingling dart of pleasure pierced her belly, Janice inhaling sharply at the sensation.

“You suck good titty, Jack,” she murmured with contentment. “Ooooo, fuckin-A, white boy…”

She felt Jack’s cock pulsing on her leg — she shifted slightly, and Jack grunted when he felt his knob swim through the wiry coarseness of her pubic hair. Her pussy flexed when the knob finally pressed upon her hooded clitty, and the wetness between her legs immediately became a trickle as her labia engorged luxuriously with the burning hot blood of brazen desire.

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