Peeping Tommy


The Turgid Details

Erika’s lips puckered and her tongue delved deeply as she sucked and smacked between her twin sister’s legs. Erin guided her, her pelvis undulating lewdly, her cunt smearing Erika’s mouth and cheeks with dribbles of juice. Helplessly, Thomas stroked his cock, his nuts boiling. Fingers shaking, he adjusted the zoom and backed out, now seeing the lusty couple in all their crystal-clear grandeur. Erika’s head bobbed, her full titties bouncing enticingly as she tongued Erin’s pussy wantonly, her sister’s cunt gaping wide and glistening. She guided Erika’s face across her mound, holding her in place for a second or two before moving her to a different location, Erika munching and sucking with relish. Erin writhed, her head thrown back, her faint moans of pleasure reaching across the alley and sending quivering electrical charges into Thomas’ loins. A massive orgasm loomed dangerously close, and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could control it.

In a sudden flurry of motion, Erin dragged Erika to her feet by the hair. They pressed against each other, kissing savagely, groping and fondling and writhing. Erin clutched Erika’s head and mashed her face between her titties, and Erika sucked in great mouthfuls of flesh as Erin threw back her head and moaned again. She then slid her hands down Erika’s haunches, tugging at the thong. Erika stepped back, peeled it off, and then the two young women again embraced, smashing their heaving tits together and grinding their wet pussies excitedly, their passionate moans drifting through his window.

“Oh fuck me,” Thomas croaked, and exploded.

A thick ropy torrent burst from his knobslit and spattered his chair and the carpet beneath. Another quickly followed, Thomas groaning aloud in the silence as his balls convulsed painfully. He continued stroking his meat, keeping himself hard, while his eye remained glued to the lens. Erin reached for something out of sight and then reappeared holding a dangling artificial cock that she immediately strapped around her middle. She squirted something from a tube into the palm of her hand, and then stroked the dildo firmly, slicking it with lube. Erika braced herself against the windowsill, bent over, and stared directly across the alley and into Thomas’ apartment. Her lips moved with deliberate exaggeration in the eye of the scope, her tits swaying above the windowsill.

She’s fucking my ass, Tommy.