Never Say Never

The Turgid Details

Lisa turned her head as she heard Tracy paddling up beside her.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Tracy said softly, smiling.

Lisa smiled, reached out and touched Tracy’s breast, feeling her friend’s nipple instantly grow erect beneath the bikini top. Tracy sighed with contentment.

“I was thinking about the way you looked this morning,” Lisa said. “Has Rick ever seen you like that?”

Tracy chuckled. “He’s seen everything.”

Lisa smiled, and slipped her hand beneath Tracy’s top. She continued manipulating Tracy’s nipple, feeling her own nipples harden as the tiny point of flesh swelled substantially beneath her fingertips. Tracy moaned softly. Lisa lifted the top and gently enfolded the nipple between her lips.

“Jesus,” Tracy hissed. “Are you ready?”

“Can’t you tell?” Lisa whispered.

Tracy squirmed. “Think you can handle two of us?”

“You just try me.”

Tracy’s cheeks had acquired a peculiarly reddish glow beneath her tan, and her eyes shone intensely.

“I intend to.”

They climbed up the ladder into the back of the boat and found Rick relaxing in one of the pedestal seats, sipping his drink, long legs kicked out and spread, his fishing pole upright in a rod holder, the line dangling over the side. His head was thrown back and the lenses of his shades heliographed the sunlight. His dark skin gleamed with perspiration in the heat. Lisa watched a small bead of sweat trickle lazily down his flat stomach into the waistband of his trunks.

“You’re sure you’re okay with this,” Lisa said very softly.

Tracy gently squeezed Lisa’s bottom and nodded. She leaned in close and whispered against Lisa’s ear.

“I’m so wet right now I can’t stand it.”

Lisa sucked in her breath and lay belly-down on the sunning bench.

“Honey,” Tracy said to Rick. “Where’s the baby oil?”

“Where it always is,” Rick said, head still thrown back. He waved a hand toward the steering console. “Help yourself.”

Tracy opened the door to the storage compartment beneath the console and pulled out the bottle. Lisa lay with her head turned toward Rick, enjoying the warm sun on her back. He still hadn’t moved. Tracy returned and stood beside Lisa on the opposite side of the bench, her lower body blocked from Rick’s view, and slowly shed her bottoms. She undid Lisa’s top as Lisa slid her hand between Tracy’s legs and found her vagina. Tracy hadn’t been kidding, Lisa thought, exploring lazily. She was incredibly wet. Her fingers caressed Tracy’s labia, and Tracy inhaled deeply. Lisa watched while Rick shifted in his seat, his head tipping forward. She smiled at him, and Rick smiled back.

Oh, God, she thought, heart speeding up. This is really going to happen.

Tracy squirted oil into her hands, and then Lisa felt its slickness on her shoulders. Tracy worked her way down Lisa’s back, soft hands moving in slow, soothing circles. Lisa sighed, feeling her muscles relaxing. She kept her eyes trained on Rick, and watched him shift again. He sipped his drink. She saw him lick his lips and sip a second time. Lisa adjusted her hand and slipped a finger into Tracy’s vagina. Tracy sucked in her breath and pushed against it.

“What’s going on over there, ladies?” Rick said, his voice low and husky.

“Lisa has her finger inside my pussy, baby,” Tracy said, and her voice had grown uneven. “It feels really good.”

Rick shifted his weight in the chair. “I love it when you talk dirty to me, baby.”

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