Learning Curves #2: Gifted Education

The Turgid Details

David’s cock was growing inch by inch, and she gasped as she felt the massive rail of meat pressing against her belly. Cassie immediately pushed a hand between their bodies and grasped it firmly, stroking it with relish, writhing and moaning.

“Your big thick cock feels so good to hold,” she panted, squeezing it and thumbing the juice-smeared knob…

Her dirty talk inflamed him. He slipped a hand between her bikini bottom and thigh and fingered the juicy wet maw of her cunt. Lubrication spurted across the back of his hand as she jerked and cried out. She pumped against it frantically, and he inserted a second finger inside of her. She cried out again, swallowing the two digits up to the proximals. His thumb found her clitty, and she inhaled sharply and loudly, undulating her pelvis.

“Oh, fuuucckk, David. Ooooo, fuuucckkk!”

David jerked her bottoms down her legs and then lifted her up on the concrete lip, breathing heavily, cock pounding with blood. She lay back and spread her legs, her face twisted with raw animal lust. Her purple labia glistened and twitched beneath the black hair of her bush as David stepped forward and rubbed his fat, drooling glans against her clitty. She put a hand to her mouth, muffling another wail of pleasure. Her cunt flexed, and another powerful spray blasted forth, drenching his groin and saturating his swollen shaft. He grasped his meat and rubbed his knob up and down in her slippery, pulsing slit, pushing it forward and pulling it back out, her pussy making soft sucking sounds as her cunt lips flowered against its size.

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” she hissed, hips pumping, her empty gash begging to be fucked.

David withdrew abruptly.

“Don’t stop now!” she gasped angrily, reaching for him.

“It’s my turn to teach you a lesson,” he said softly.

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