Learning Curves #3: Open Enrollment

The Turgid Tease

Cassie led the way upstairs, Serena following behind her. David brought up the rear. Serena’s firm round rump flexed enticingly about a foot away from his face, and he impulsively grabbed her legs and kissed one of her cheeks, opening his mouth and sucking flesh. Serena laughed. David spread her cheeks and tongued her winking anus, and Serena pushed against him with a soft moan. He slid his hand up her thigh and found her snatch, the slit sloppy wet and trickling.

“Fuck, David,” Serena hissed. “You insatiable, boy.”

“You have no idea, girl,” Cassie said, standing on the landing and laughing. Her eyes narrowed abruptly and she licked her lips. “David, be a good boy and show Serena what you learned during your last lesson.”

“This be good enough,” Serena breathed, wiggling her bottom while David tongued her asshole. “Ooooo fuck, you bad!”

More juice streamed down her legs as David frigged her cunt. David dragged his tongue upward inside her ass cleft, and then reburied it in her hole. Serena groaned.

“David,” Cassie said sternly.

“Shut this bitch up and just show me, boy,” Serena exclaimed, growing annoyed.

David stared upward at Cassie, seeking reassurance, and Cassie smiled and nodded. David drew back and whipped his hand down firmly on Serena’s bottom, and Serena uttered a surprised exclamation, her caramel flesh quivering.

“Again, David,” Cassie commanded.

David spanked her a second time, the sound reverberating off the walls of the stairway like a gunshot. Serena yowled excitedly.

“Do it again, daddy,” she said breathlessly.

This girl’s a freak, David thought excitedly. He smacked her a third time, and Serena writhed.

“Ooooo fuucckkk, daddy,” she gasped. “Harder!”

David spanked her a fourth time, and then a fifth, Serena’s tan-colored flesh turning a bright shade of pink. Her asscheeks flexed, gleaming with sudden sweat. David licked his finger and sank it knuckle-deep into her anus.

“FUCK YEAH, DADDY!” Serena howled, bottom thrusting backward reflexively.

Unfuckingreal! David thought deliriously.

He found her pussy with his other hand, and impaled from both ends, Serena wailed and exploded, cunny juice spraying down her legs. Cassie stood on the landing, looking down and smiling.

“That’s enough, David,” she said, laughing. “We don’t have all day.”

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