Learning Curves #4: Final Examination

The Turgid Details

David was unsettled by the intensity of her stare. He’d read about these scenarios, and the thought of being so helpless was a trifle disconcerting. He wondered if this was part of the consequences she’d mentioned this morning, grew unnerved, and felt his erection dwindle as his excitement diminished. Cassie saw his uncertainty, and ran a hand down his chest.

“Do you trust me, David?” she asked softly.


“Nothing’s changed. I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“Everything’s been good so far,” David admitted.

“Then relax and enjoy your lesson, sweetheart,” she whispered, kissing him tenderly. “I promise I’ll be gentle.”

Cassie raised David’s arms above his head and tied his wrists to the headboard spindles. Her tits brushed his face, and he kissed a nipple. Cassie sighed and allowed that for a second before swinging off the bed and tying his ankles to the rails in the footboard. She stood beside the bed and regarded him silently for a moment.

“Are you okay?”

David nodded. “I think so.”

He stared at his instructor. Her big breasts shone in the dim afternoon light, her nipples round and hard, and her cleavage glistened mysteriously with a glaze of perspiration. His gaze wandered up the length of one long supple leg to where it joined the hairy promise between her thighs. He inhaled a faint wisp of her arousal and immediately began to lengthen. Cassie murmured her approval.

“Do you enjoy my nakedness, David?”

“Very much.”

“That’s makes me happy, baby — because staring at your big hard cock is making my pussy very wet.”

“I can smell it,” David breathed, heart starting to pound.

Cassie climbed into the bed and straddled David’s knee, pressing her mound against the bony hardness and rubbing sensually. Her portal quivered, and warm wetness trickled on his skin.

“You feel that?” she breathed excitedly

David groaned an affirmative. His big vein pulsed, and a large gleaming droplet appeared suddenly in his knobslit. Cassie’s eyes narrowed and she inhaled deeply. David wished desperately that she would clutch his organ and stroke it, and his hips pumped reflexively. Cassie chuckled and shook her head.

“Control yourself, David.”

David strained futilely against his bonds. “Then do something…”

“You’re not in charge right now.”