The Taboo Details

“Open that suckhole, Malory.”

Maybe if I didn’t think of him as Uncle Chuck, I might be able to get through this after all. I parted my lips and tentatively kissed his bulb — my uncle shivered and sighed, and then grunted appreciatively. His hands clasped either side of my head and held me in place.

“That’s nice,” he breathed.

I looked up and found him staring down at me, his eyes narrowed and his lips pursed. He pumped his hips, and the entire plum now filled my mouth. My jaw stretched wide to accommodate its size, and I felt and tasted his juicy drool on my tongue. Despite my shame, I began quivering with excitement. His stink and his hardness and his overpowering male dominance were turning me on in spite of myself, and I tried to quell my self-loathing. I twitched reflexively down below, grew moist, and my sense of shame grew stronger. I moaned despairingly around the fat pole of flesh stuffed in my mouth as my traitorous body betrayed me.

“You naughty little tramp,” Uncle Chuck said softly, “you like it, don’t you.”