Bundle Of Shame



Cody broke off the kiss, but continued to hold her head in his hands. He stared deeply into her dark green eyes — his blue eyes were so intent that it was almost terrifying. She felt his cock throbbing through his shorts. She looked down and saw the incredible bulge straining against his clothing, saw the large wet spot where the knob was leaking into the material. Her pussy twitched reflexively, and a small hot stream of juice trickled forth into her panties.

God, Suzie thought, heart pounding forcefully. Is this really happening?

“We can still stop,” Cody said, and his voice was uneven.

“I can’t,” she whispered, unable to take her eyes of his bulge.

“And I don’t want to.”

Cody took her hand and placed it on his cock. Suzie felt its heat radiating through his shorts, and gasped involuntarily at the shaft’s immense size and steely hardness. Cody groaned gutturally, and immediately pushed against her.

“Jesus, Suzie,” he hissed.

“It feels so big,” Suzie breathed, more juice drizzling from her slit. “Can I see it?”

 Suzie has some seriously nasty desires for her older adopted brother. She’s had them for years. But when she turns eighteen, she can’t deny her feelings any longer.

She burns for his experience, and she’ll do just about anything to satisfy her shamefully taboo urges. Little does Suzie know, but her adopted brother and her older stepsister have some naughty plans of their own — rough, raw, and unprotected!


Sissy suddenly realized she only had three more to go — her twin brothers and Andrade — and was suddenly in a hurry to finish things up. The cum on her face was beginning to dry, and it somehow smelled like prison sex. But, she had to get Matt hard first, and there seemed to be only one way to do that.

“Matty,” she called out, and when all heads were turned her way, she undid her halter and let it fall to the floor.

“Sissy,” Nate breathed, staring at her with wide-eyed fascination.

“Oh, sweetheart,” Matt whispered, and immediately stiffened into a pulsing hardness.

Sissy’s pussy flexed, and a warm stream gushed into her panties. She was both delighted and relieved when she saw her brother’s cock finally reach its full angry potential as a result of her sudden unveiling.

I did that, she thought proudly. Me.

Sissy’s been invited to join the cheerleading squad.

But she has to pass a little test first — with the eleven offensive starters on the football team. Sissy knows her twin stepbrothers will be in the lineup, and that might pose a problem — not necessarily for her, but probably for them.

What’s a teenage girl supposed to do in this licentious situation? Remain true to social mores? Or maybe help her two lusty studs see their relationship in an entirely different light — rough, raw, and unprotected!




Samantha had been so deeply involved with pleasuring herself she hadn’t heard the bedroom door open. She gasped in surprise, quickly tugging the teddy’s hemline down as far as it would stretch.


The boy stood in the doorway and remained silent. He was dressed in a t-shirt and pair of boxer shorts, his usual nighttime attire, looking small and frail and much younger than his eighteen years. The fact that he had called her Mommy, when he almost never did, seemed weird and twisted but also strangely exciting. He was lost and confused and needed her reassurance. She wondered how long he had been watching her and what he might have seen. But instead of feeling embarrassed, her arousal grew, and then the shame flooded through her, leaving her insides coiling like a basket full of snakes.

“You know you’re supposed to knock before entering Momma’s bedroom,” she said softly.

“I did knock,” he said. “You didn’t hear me.”

Samantha sighed. “What do you want?”

Darrin stared at the floor.

“I’m sorry about being mean to you earlier.”

Darrin began to sniffle, and her motherly instincts surged to the forefront.

“Oh, darling baby,” she whispered, stretching out her arms to him. “Come sit by Momma.”

 Thirty-eight-year-old Samantha has been a widow for almost three years, and hasn’t had a man since her husband passed away.

This night, she’s having decidedly taboo urges for her eighteen-year-old adopted son, and her loins throb wickedly for deep satisfaction. She thinks Darrin is totally inexperienced and completely immature, and will succumb to her advances. But it’s only after things heat up that Sam gets the surprise of her life — rough, raw, and unprotected!



“What’s going on with you, child?”

“Oh, God, forgive me, Uncle John!” Sadie cried. “I been thinkin’ shameful things!”

And then she abruptly burst into tears. Uncle John uttered a wordless exclamation and pulled her close once again.

“Oh, Sadie Ann,” he whispered, pressing her head against his chest. “What you been thinkin’ ’bout got y’all hot and bothered?”

Sadie heard her uncle’s heart thundering in her ear through the hair on his torso, and her sense of control heightened. She was leading him right where she wanted him to go with her female dramatics. His lean arms felt wonderfully strong and his sweaty smell was intoxicating. She snuggled closer, and pressed her pelvis hard against his groin. She felt his cock swell, but this time, he didn’t pull away. Sadie’s heart trip-hammered. She knew it was now or never.

“I been thinkin’ about your big hard cock, Uncle John.”

Get ready for some hard-hitting hillbilly taboo as Sadie, Cousin Travis, Uncle John, and Aunt Mae discover the enticing world of family relations, high in the rugged mountains of Tennessee. If you like your sex loud and messy, it’s here. If you like your sex primitive and dirty, look no further. If you like big beautiful women, juicy teenage girls, and horny backwoods mountain men, then climb aboard for a real rowdy ride — rough, raw, and unprotected! Yeeehaaww!



Sarah twisted her body forward and started climbing between the front seats. Her blouse rolled up, exposing her stomach. Her skirt rode high, and she felt coolness on her bottom. She was wearing panties, but they were cut high on the hip, and she knew she was displaying a great deal as she wriggled. If Chris noticed, he gave no sign. He merely reached up and gripped her under the arms, one of his hands rubbing against her breast. Her nipples tingled from the contact, and her areolas swelled.

Was that on purpose?

Chris pulled and she slid over into the back seat on top of him. Their faces were only inches apart, and she felt his warm breath on her cheeks. She stared into his eyes, her chest pressing against his, their pubes touching, and she felt something stir between his legs. A wave of conflicting emotions washed across her as she realized her stepson’s penis was growing hard against her mons. Her heart beat rapidly, and she knew it wasn’t just from the accident. She crawled off him quickly and stood up outside the car, straightening her clothes, trying to do the same with her thoughts. Chris crawled out after her, and the two of them walked around to the front.

Get ready for some raunchy mother/stepson action as Sarah and her stepson Chris take each other hard at a no-tell motel. It’s wet and messy, raw and primitive, loud and raucous as the beautiful MILF and her teenage son indulge their urges with some serious kink.