Later, I lay awake in the darkness of my bedroom, staring at the ceiling and feeling my heart pound, now besieged by a sexual fervor so exhilarating I trembled from the very force of it. How many women before me had reached boundless heights of ecstasy in this bed? Although I desperately wished that Joshua would come to me here, I knew it was unlikely. With Uncle Bob and Susan just down the hall, the chances of being discovered were too great. I knew that whatever transpired between us from here on out was totally up to me.

The clock read one-fifteen in the morning. In a few hours, the sun would rise and another day would be upon us — another eternity of pent-up feelings and frustrating denial. And after what already occurred between us today, I knew I couldn’t take it again. The wondering and the wanting would be too emotionally taxing.

Okay, I thought, feeling a little thrill as I reached my irrevocable decision.

I climbed naked out of bed and slipped into a robe, opened the slider and stepped outside. The night air hit me and I shivered. The stars gleamed coldly in the sky above me as I made my away across the patio to Joshua’s apartment, where I opened his slider and quietly slipped inside. A nightlight in a wall socket cast dim illumination off to my right, and I smelled the faint odor of pine coupled with cinnamon wafting sensuously down the hallway. I felt calm and completely in control, and I found my peace with it.

This must be right, I thought, moving slowly through the darkness. Why else would I feel this way?

The pine and cinnamon smells grew stronger as I walked down the hallway, where orange light flickered through an open doorway.

“Joshua?” I said softly. “I’ve come for you, my darling.”

I entered my cousin’s chambers. I saw the candles first, four of them placed strategically around the room. Their flickering shadows danced pirouettes on the walls, and their perfumed aroma was sensuously sublime. Joshua lay naked upon the altar of his bed like a sacrificial offering, arms flat and legs outstretched. I was so calm in that moment that I felt outside of myself as I walked across the room. I stood above him expectantly, staring down upon his tanned body in the candlelight, finally beholding his beautiful, fully unbound manhood in its amazing entirety.

“I dream about you,” he croaked, voice breaking. Tears suddenly welled in his haunted eyes, and I felt something fist my heart and wrench it viciously.

I dropped my robe.

Joshua’s eyes widened, and he uttered a soft, desperate moan. Lubrication bubbled immediately in his knobslit and dripped onto his belly. I’d never been with a man that lubed as quickly and as freely — when I looked down at myself, I saw my own excitement lubriciously clinging to my curls and gleaming in the quivering orange flames.

Wordlessly, and without any doubt, I sat on the edge of the bed and firmly grasped his wonderfully swollen penis. It throbbed and burned exactly as I remembered from so long ago, and the memory of that night now thrilled me to the marrow. I stroked him gently, reliving every moment, and Joshua squirmed, hips bucking upward involuntarily.

“Oh God Lisa,” he hissed.

“Shhh,” I whispered back. “I’m your Elisabet right now.”

“I’m going to cum,” he gasped.

“No, you won’t,” I murmured. “I’ve dreamed about this, too.”