Put Away Wet

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Connie stared at the massive throbbing organ, and a rush of exhilaration surged through her, leaving her astounded by its ferocity. Sweat trickled between her breasts and beaded on her forehead.

Slowly, she reached beneath Axle’s belly and grasped the shaft, gasping reflexively as the intense heat and violent contractions literally sizzled through her forearm. The shaft swelled and the big knob bulged, and when she squeezed behind it, a long slimy runner drooled slickly from the slit and dangled to the floor. Axle snorted, shivering, and then nickered softly with contentment.

Connie moaned, dazed from her arousal, her groin clutched in the talons of her raging hormones. Axle lowered his head and pressed his muzzle against her backside, sniffing excitedly. He nudged her firmly, and Connie cried out, a bolt of raw energy rocking her cunt — she squirted into her jeans, drenching them.

“Oooooo fuckkk,” she mewled helplessly, shuddering from the force.

Axle nudged her again, licking between her legs, and another electric jolt seared through Connie’s pussy, nearly dropping her to her knees. She gripped his cock and remained on her feet, pumping the massive trunk with firm methodical strokes. His burning length was now smeared with lube, and lewd squishing sounds filled the stall. She felt his tongue probing and licking her from behind, trying to tear a hole in her jeans. Sweat trickled down her cheeks as she panted and wheezed like a fevered child. Her stroking turned rapid, and the big stud shuddered. His organ throbbed hugely, raging in her clutching hand.

He’s gonna splooge, Connie thought deliriously. I’m making him cum…

The contractions began — steady, mighty, and astounding. The drool from Axle’s knob now turned into a stream, followed by thick milky mucus that filled her nose with its scent. The contractions turned rapid — the stallion snorted loudly, and Connie watched in amazement as a raging river of semen exploded from his slit.

Oh my God, she thought dazedly, not daring to believe.

Another torrent quickly followed, spraying along the underside of his belly and drenching Connie’s hand. Her cunt convulsed viciously, her senses spun, and she squirted powerfully into her panties with an agonized cry.

She orgasmed for what seemed like an eternity, gripping Axle’s jowls to support her spasming legs. He snorted, and then firmly muzzled her chest.

Moaning, Connie quickly unbuttoned her shirt, her fingers shaking. Her bare sweat-sheened titties bounced on her heaving chest as she guided Axle’s head forward. His tongue whipped out, licking the salt from her curves, dripping hot wet saliva across her engorged nipples. He snorted, billowing hot moist breath into her cleavage. The perverse sensations were sinfully wicked, and Connie groaned and quaked as she held his head.

Connie shook her head dizzily, feeling completely outside of herself. Unable to admit what she planned to do next, she turned around to remove her clothes completely, and found Noah standing in the corridor. He was naked, his erection jutting like an ax handle from his downy blond curls. Mother and son stared at each other wordlessly for a moment, and then Noah croaked —

“Can I be next, Momma?”

He stroked his bulging meatus and shivered.

Connie’s heart came to a complete, literal stop. Her mind swirled insanely like the insects overhead, and she collapsed in the straw.